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F Renaissance - ABY™ Quarterly e-Newsletter

Welcome to the January 2012 Edition of f Renaissance!

As yarn manufacturers, we weave together our whole value chain and ultimately the end consumer through our innovative products. In this issue of f Renaissance, we highlight three of our branded ABY™ products - ABY Softura™ yarn, ABY Flexo Denim™ yarn and ABY Protek™ yarn. These products have exciting applications which we encourage you to read more and understand in our ABY™ Brands link on the top of this page.

We also take you through our debut at the Shanghai Intertextile trade fair which was well received by the trade circle. You can also read about Confluence 2011, which is another successful event to create awareness about brand ABY™.

We also encourage you to understand better our Hangtag and Fabric Certification program, a pioneering activity in the spinning industry which is set us apart from our competitors. This, and more in this edition of f Renaissance.

Happy reading!