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F Renaissance - ABY™ Quarterly e-Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2012 Edition of f Renaissance!

In this edition of f Renaissance, we take you along for an enlightening experience of ABY™'s exciting new product offerings and the impact created by us in the marketplace. We trust that flipping through the pages of f Renaissance would give you a better perspective of brand ABY™ and more insights.

We showcase to you ABY Style™ yarn, our product that is devised to offer innovative and trendy patterns. ABY Style™ yarn is a designer’s delight and is the product to go for to make a style statement. We also highlight some of our yarns from branded fibers, including newly developed products based on Viscose Wool. These and other products have exciting applications which we encourage you to read more and understand in our ABY™ Brands link on the top of this page.

In this edition, you can also read more about our splash in the marketplace through the Textech International Expo at Jakarta and our innovative marketing experiments there. We also say how ABY™ will intensify its marketplace activities by participating in world renowned trade events.

We hope you’ll have a great reading experience.

Happy Reading!