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Fashion Buzz

ABY™ created a sensation in the trade circle and fashion circle with a photo shoot in the side line of the trade fair for some of the Branded products. Leading models from Indonesia participated in the photo shoot. ABY Softura™ yarn, ABY Flexo™ yarn, ABY Flexo Denim™ yarn and ABY Style™ yarn based garment collection were glamorized by models for the photo shoot. The style, sporty look and trendiness of the fashion collection rolled eyeballs of all gathered at the venue.

"I really had a crush on ABY Softura garment collection; it is so soft on the skin & fashionable, I would love to see these collection in stores"

Ms Tara
Fashion Model-Jakarta.

"I like the fit and comfort of ABY Flexo™ and ABY Flexo™ Denim collection and I’m dying to add it to my wardrobe"

Ms Mutia
Fashion Model-Jakarta.