ABY™ Branding

The Hangtag Program – a sales force deployed for industry; quality and performance assurance for customer.

Fabric Certification – quality assurance to industry; enhanced marketability for the fabricator

Hangtag Program/Fabric Certification Program


Few simple steps to get 'Garment Hangtag' and 'Fabric Certification' for ABY™ branded products.

  • Step 1: Log in to the website www.adityabirla-yarn.com/hangtags
  • Step 2: Select the program(Fabric Certification/Hangtag) and the quantity of stickers/hangtags of ABY™ brand
  • Step 3: Please fill fabric and garments specification and other details
  • Step 4: Enter your company information and shipping details to submit the order
  • Step 5: An email with order summary and unique ID number for future tracking will be received
  • Step 6: Please send a fabric sample and fabric/yarn invoice along with printed copy of order summary received in email

ABY™ Garment Hangtag Policy – read more.