Stay in Timeless Style


How about clothes that never run out of freshness and newness Timeless freshness is now possible with ABY Unifeel RAY yarns, This unique yarn gives the fabric an exceptional quality that remains just as new even after repeated use and multiple washes. ABY Unifeel™ RAY is the result of in-depth research and the latest technology. And of course, our key driver to excellence our customers' feedback.

Why is ABY Unifeel™ RAY superior to other fabrics?

ABY Unifeel™ RAY yarn, when compared to generic viscose yarn has a host of both trade and consumer benefits, It's low yarn hairiness ensures excellent resistance to pilling, fabric uniformity, comfort, drape and performance. The superior consistency in yarn quality results in uniform finished fabric. The yarn's inherent strength & uniformity enables improved efficiency in the down-stream process like yarn dyeing, knitting, weaving and wet processing.


  • Improved efficiency and running performance
  • Reduced fly and dust liberation during knitting
  • Better realization of raw material (yarn) due to reduction in waste generation during dyeing & wet processing
  • Complete elimination of fabric singeing process (in selected applications)
  • Improved dimensional stability of the fabric
  • Better fabric appearance as a result of excellent uniform dyeing and finishing

Higher yarn strength, better elongation and less hairiness of yarn helps to operate the looms at high speed to improve loom efficiency. It further enhances efficiency in warping and sizing. Improved yarn properties along with a clean surface of the yarn minimize loom stoppages and fabric defects.


  • New look even after many washes without "pilling"
  • Pleasant feel on skin Smooth
  • Smooth, soft comfort feel
  • Flawless drape


ABY Unifeel™ RAY yarn. ABY Unifeel™ MOD yarn, ABY Unifeel™ MMOD yarn, & ABY Unifeel™ XL yarn

The ABY Unifeel TM variants made out of Birla Modal and Birla Micro Modal brings you best of both the world, along with all the properties of ABY Unifeel TM Ray added with:
Extra soft and bouncy
Brilliant color & luster
High wet modulus
With micro denier brings superfine counts and enables to go for Superfine fabrics

Other variant made out of Birla Excel, the 3rd generation cellulosic fiber, highly recommend for woven allocation brings:

Unique drape and fluidity
High degree of garment fit
Very good color depth
Skin &eco- friendly

Applications: Knits & woven Tops, Dress, Kid's wear, Active Wear & Home Textiles

Women's fashion wear
Flawless drape, brilliant color, lasting fresh look fabric. ABY Unifeel™ yarn
is any designer's delight.

Kids wear
ABY Unifeel™ yarn
is perfect for the soft, tender skin of children.

Active wear
Active wear needs good comfort, durability and fabric stability. ABY Unifeel™
yarn variants are ideal for active wear.

Home Textile
The soft smooth feel of bedsheets and mattresses made out of ABY Unifeel™ yarn
add comfort to your sleep.