ABY™ value chain engagement is a serious strategic effort to create a tangible value add to our quality products

The efforts had been supported by our strong and solid customer base and value chain partners right from weaver/knitter, fabric manufacturer, garmenters, sourcing wings to brand and retails. In an industry that is highly competitive, what gives us an edge is the superior quality and value add that we deliver to the customer.

Yarn Performance

The yarn that we produce is distinctive because of its superior consistency and high repeatability. This is imperative when it comes to making the final clothing product – the high quality of our yarn lends itself perfectly to high-quality clothing. We partner our customer at every step of the way.

Technical Support

A dedicated customer support team provides the technical know-how and total back up service to the customers before and after the sale.

Product Development Support

Our innovation, insights and sampling support, is also extended to customers. Additionally, we equip our value chain partners with information about market trends, design and development support, to help them remain contemporary.

Business Development Support

At ABY™, we offer specialized business development support and co-partner with our value chain partners; we ensure that we are involved in quality control at every stage of production.

We conduct extensive activities in identifying fabric suppliers for brands and garment makers. Our hang tag program assures the consumer about the quality and benefits of our branded products. Importantly, through our fabric certification program, we certify fabrics that meets performance standard; this adds value to fabric manufactures and improves fabric’s marketability in downstream processes.

Brand Assurance

As the largest producer of viscose spun yarn globally, we enjoy a prominent status among garment manufacturers. The quantity of yarn that we produce is backed by world-class quality; our yarn is globally benchmarkable.

Global Access

With 5 manufacturing plants in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, we have spread a wide net globally. Our global footprint is to our advantage – we enjoy a 13% share in the global synthetic spun yarn trade and a very strong presence in every major textile and garment manufacturing market in the world.