We, at the Aditya Birla Yarn, take pride in the cultural diversity at all our business units spread across geographies. We seek to promote equitable economic growth and ensure more sustainable, inclusive and people-centric development with effective use of technology

We, at the Aditya Birla Yarn takes pride in the people-oriented approaches at all entities spread across geographies. We are guided by the broader objective of achieving group-wide employee welfare, fair remuneration, occupational health and safety, training and development, and continuous employee engagement. Our people play an integral and indispensable role in achieving the sustainability of our business and we recognize their contributions, talent, and zeal in driving our success. Employee recruitment and retention, implementing equal pay for equal work, employee health, and safety, training and education, diversity and equal opportunity have been identified as our material issues with respect to our workforce and we are working towards ensuring a just, equitable, inclusive, and fair workplace for all.

We aim to eliminate gender pay disparity across all entities and increase the presence of women in all our leadership roles going forward. Our people are our pillars of strength and employee engagement is our driving force. We have established robust employee evaluation mechanism and increased employee evaluation and engagement to regularly review their career development. We saw a significant increase in overall workforce productivity and satisfaction. We have designed a program for our workmen to upgrade their skills and knowledge to keep up with technological advancements and innovations.
We endeavor to continue to build our human and social capital and build a fair, safe, healthy, lively and complaint workplace where every employee’s rights are respected.


We endeavour to establish a fair and equal workplace for all employees. We recruit employees based on their skills and qualifications and provide them with fair remuneration and equal opportunities for career advancement, training and development. We welcome a diversified workforce and select potential employees strictly on merit. We have established a robust employee engagement mechanism and career development plans for our employees so that they can grow as the Company grows. We strive for a common goal of making the workplace a source of creativity, innovation, and self-fulfilment for all employees. We aim to establish a harmonious and lively relationship with our employees and ensure their continuing long-term development. In addition, we are dedicated to creating safe and healthy workplaces for all employees. To protect our staff, we operate in strict compliance with our occupational health and safety policies and practices. We aim to prevent workplace lost-time incidents by establishing robust safety mechanisms and strengthening our safety management. We operate in strict compliance with local labour laws and regulations where we operate. We instil the importance of establishing a compliant workplace in our employees to prevent any mishap.


At ABY, we want to be the employer of choice for our employees. We endeavour to develop our employees with relevant upskilling and training opportunities where possible, and we conduct regular performance reviews for all employees. Our action plans are strictly followed to guide continuous learning and performance improvement across all the businesses. Our customized approach to nurturing our employees based on the need has proven to be effective. We promote diversity in the workplace and treat everyone fairly, regardless of age, gender or nationality. We recognize ourselves as an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and we aim to develop a strong culture of safety in our organization. We provide a wide range of benefits for all employees and operate in strict compliance with local labour laws and regulations where we operate.


At ABY, we are dedicated to developing our employees. They undergo a diverse range of career development opportunities and training and we equip them with the relevant skills to develop their potential. In addition, as part of our employee engagement efforts, we have deployed employee engagement channels to identify their grievances and manage them in an effective and timely manner.


We have implemented various training programs to upskill and develop our employees. At our manufacturing units, learning begins at the commencement of the employees’ career. Through learning and development, we empower our employees by developing their business skills and career advancement.
We have established various structured human resource development programmes such as Quality Circle (QC) and Kaizen. Through these programs, we align our employees to develop a sense of belonging, team morale and self-management skills. In addition, we have deployed a skill matrix framework to identify the key strengths and weaknesses of employees, to nurture their strengths effectively. Through analyzing the results of this matrix, we have created a training calendar for all employees to ensure their growth. We regularly review the talent and potential of our employee base. We also identify the potential leadership talent to strengthen our leadership pipeline and stay future proofed at all times.

To embark on our employees on new trainings and diversify their learning, we have started to educate them on environmental, social and technological issues and opportunities such as Circular Economy, Scope 3 emissions, IoT, Global Warming, Artificial Intelligence, uses of plastics and many more.


All of our employees enjoy a variety of benefits to promote work-life harmony. We believe that employee well-being is of utmost importance and we go above and beyond the local labour requirements to ensure their welfare.

We provide life and disability insurance, healthcare, parental leave, transportation, and other fringe benefits.