Compact Yarn

About ABYTM Compact Yarn

Aditya Birla Yarn’s Compact Yarn is produced using an advanced spinning technology called compact spinning. This innovative process reduces fiber hairiness and improves yarn structure. Hence, it creates a yarn that is exceptionally smooth, strong, and uniform. The compact spinning technology tightly binds the fibers. Hence, this results in a yarn with reduced hairiness. Additionally, this significantly improves the yarn’s quality. It minimizes pilling, lint formation, and the potential for snagging or fraying. Also, the reduced hairiness enhances the yarn’s visual appeal, giving it a sleek and refined appearance.

Compact Yarn is exceptionally strong and durable. The improved tensile strength makes it highly resistant to breakage and wear. Hence, it is an excellent choice for long-lasting and high-performance textiles, such as sportswear, sheetings and shirtings. Additionally, the fabric manufactured using these yarns have vibrant and long-lasting colors.

Compact Yarn

Advantages of this yarn


Compact yarn is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Hence, garments made from this yarn will last longer and require less maintenance. Also, the clothes and accessories would not tend to lose their shape or develop unsightly pills.


Fabric made from this yarn will have a uniform appearance and will be more pleasing to the eye. Additionally, they tend to avoid uneven seams or irregular tension.

Definition of seams

Compact yarn provides excellent seam definition. Therefore, the fine, dense fibers allow stitches to stand out and create a beautiful product. So, this makes it an ideal choice for complex patterns and designs that need clear definition.

Less Shedding

These yarns are strong and hence they lead to minimal loose fibers. Therefore, they are the ideal choice for garments which require a lot of handling frequent use.

Compact Yarn Indonesia

Partnering with ABY

A mutually beneficial and sustainable business cooperation with ABY will help you find the most competitive price and choose the right compact yarn product of superior quality. The company’s focus on sustainable production systems offers high-quality yarns, making it an attractive option for fabric manufacturers looking for a reliable yarn supplier. ABY has been in the textile industry since more than 5 decades, and over the years, it has gained a lot of experience. Hence, we are reputable for our quality and experienced. All teams consistently maintain yarn quality and use the latest technology to produce superior quality and highly competitive yarns.

Compact Yarn Manufacturer

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