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Aditya Birla Yarn continues to be the preferred yarn spinning partner of major textile manufacturers and global fashion brands. The uniquely large and diversified product range of ABY differentiates it from any other spinner in the world. Unlike many of its industry peers, the strong and dedicated R&D team at ABY is consistently working with all its value chain partners and brands to understand the end-consumer needs. We, at ABY, develop all our new and value added products as per the needs of end-consumer and without any compromise in our Sustainability goals. Addition of Excel yarn and its blends in our product range is one such example.

About ABY Birla Excel™ Yarn

The launch of ABY™ Excel Yarn is a proof that Aditya Birla Yarn (ABY™) is consistently working towards diversifying its portfolio of Sustainable yarns. ABY™ Excel yarn is the third generation of sustainable rayon yarn. It is made using the eco-friendly Excel (lyocell) fibre from Birla Cellulose. Excel Fibre is known for its unique closed-loop process where the by-products are completely reused, thereby minimizing discharge & reducing environmental impact to near nil.

Excel Yarn

Key Attributes Excel Products

Designers swear by this resilient, wash & wear fabric as it imparts wonderful lustre, drape & softness. Excel has a unique propensity to fibrillate which is controlled or accentuated as per desired aesthetic versatility. Birla Excel™ is also well-known for being one of the strongest cellulosic fibres. It exhibits high dimensional stability in Fabrics. Excel based products are also very soft and skin friendly in nature. They also have the tendency to absorb moisture.

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Product Range and Certifications:

Birla Excel™ is certified with globally accepted certificates of Sustainable Forestry and responsible manufacturing practices. ABY’s world-class spinning infrastructure gives us the flexibility to offer the Excel yarn in different manufacturing technologies such as Ring, OE or Vortex. We can offer this yarn with 100% excel as well as in various blends of Excel with Cotton, Modal, Linen, Viscose or Polyester. Our capability of producing these excel yarns in the count range of 10s to 40s makes us a preferred spinning partner for fabric players operating in Fashion & Apparel segment.

For more information on our Excel yarn and its blends, please visit below link:

Birla Excel™: https://adityabirla-yarn.com/product/sustainable-yarns/birla-excel-lyocell

For application specific requirements, please visit the below links:

Fashion & Apparel – https://adityabirla-yarn.com/product/fashion-and-apparel
Home Textiles – https://adityabirla-yarn.com/product/home-textiles
Technical Textiles – https://adityabirla-yarn.com/product/technical-textiles

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