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About ABYTM PC Yarn

ABYTM PC yarn, also known as polyester-cotton yarn, is a blended yarn. It combines polyester and cotton fibers to create a unique and versatile textile material. Additionally, this combination results in a strong material. Hence, this abrasion-resistant material can withstand heavy wear and tear.

Also, PC yarn fabrics offer excellent moisture management capabilities. Polyester fiber is hydrophobic, so it repels water and moisture. Cotton fiber is hydrophilic, so it absorbs water and moisture. This combination, hence, allows PC yarn products to wick moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

The Yarn composition and count range is as shown below:

  • 65% Polyester Semi-dull 35% Cotton RS : 10s to 30s
  • 65% Polyester Semi-dull 35% Cotton OE : 07s to 20s

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Advantages of ABYTM PC Yarn


PC yarn fabrics are very durable and long-lasting. They tend to be resistant to fading and color fastness. Polyester fibers retain their color very well. Additionally, cotton fibers absorb dyes well. Hence, this ensures that PC yarn products retain their vibrant color even after several washes.


Garments made from this yarn are breathable and lightweight. So, they are the ideal choice for warm-weather clothing and accessories. Cotton provides natural breathability. Additionally, polyester adds a feeling of lightness and airiness to the fabric.


ABYTM PC yarn is extremely versatile. Therefore, it can be used to make a wide variety of products. The unique combination of polyester and cotton allows for endless possibilities in terms of design and functionality. Hence, you can manufacture clothing, uniforms, accessories, home décor, upholstery, and many more products.

Competitive Pricing

The blend of Cotton and Polyester creates a durable material. This is sold at a competitive price to ensure high quality and maintenance. Hence, this makes it an excellent choice for fabric and garment manufacturers.


Garments made from these yarns are easy to care for and maintain. They are machine washable and can be dried on low heat. Additionally, they tend to not require ironing, which saves time and effort.

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Partnering with ABY

A mutually beneficial and sustainable business cooperation with ABY will help you find the most competitive price and choose the right yarn product of superior quality. The company’s focus on sustainable production systems offers high-quality yarns, making it an attractive option for fabric manufacturers looking for a reliable yarn supplier. ABY has been in the textile industry since more than 5 decades, and over the years, it has gained a lot of experience. Hence, we are reputable for our quality and experienced. All teams consistently maintain yarn quality and use the latest technology to produce superior quality and highly competitive yarns.

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