Polyester Spun Yarn

Polyester Spun Yarn

About Aditya Birla Yarn (ABY)

ABY is one of the global players taking lead in the manufacturing of Polyester Spun Yarns with special focus on Value added Products. Consistent value creation is ABY’s motto for all its value chain partners such as Weavers, Knitters, Garment producers, etc.

polyester spun yarn


This in turn creates value for end-consumers in the segment of Fashion & Apparel, Home Textiles and Technical Textiles. In this fast changing world, it becomes imperative for organizations to follow practices which are ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) compliant and consumer conscious in nature.

Hence, ABY functions on a similar path by adopting Sustainability & Innovation as its core values in order to stay as a relevant supplier. ABY yarns are present in your everyday life and touches you in one way or the other. This is since ABY offers a diverse range of yarn products under the categories of Sustainability, Performance, Fashion and Exotic Yarns. Such diversity allows ABY to become a preferred player for all kinds of fabric manufacturers in the textile value chain.


Polyester Spun Yarn at ABY

ABY offers a pool of diversified yarn products based on different technologies such as Ring spun yarns. Open-End yarns (OE yarn) and Vortex yarns. Within this pool of yarn products, Polyester based spun yarns have been showcasing unwavering demand because of their superior performance.

Also, as a part of the Global Sustainability drive, recycled polyester products are being preferred by global fashion brands. Hence, demand for recycled polyester yarns is consistently moving up. ABY has the capability of producing 100% polyester spun yarn as well as its blends such as PC and PV yarn. At ABY, we take pride in offering Sustainable yarns of recycled polyester blended with our group’s unique technology viscose fibres and Sustainable Viscose LivaEco Fibre.


Sustainable Polyester spun yarn at ABY

Green Poly and Eco Poly are two of most important sustainable category polyester spun yarn products launched by Aditya Birla Yarn. ABY Green Poly is a green yarn made using recycled polyester fibre made out of 100% post-consumer PET bottles. On the other hand, ABY Eco Poly Yarn is one of its kind development at Aditya Birla Yarn.

PET bottles for making polyester fibre or yarns

This innovative & special additive technology yarn is a break-through invention in the world of Polyester based textiles. It is changing the narrative around Polyester’s hazardous characteristic of not being able to breakdown when discarded in landfills or natural sea water.

Yes, you read it right.!!

Our EcoPoly yarns are made with special polyester and behaves like natural fibres, in terms of their break down process when they end-up as discarded or used material in environment.

This additive technology helps in creating biodegradable spots within such synthetic fibres, where microbes can break down the polymer chain. Breakdown rate of this special fibre is comparable to natural fibres in sea water, wastewater treatment plants or landfill conditions. This is also supported by globally accepted Testing standards. These inventions clearly showcase ABY’s commitment towards Sustainable innovation and High Performance.


Product Range of Polyester Yarns and capabilities at ABY

ABY offers a wide range of yarn counts for diversified applications in Apparel, Home Textile & Technical Textile segment. We have special arrangements for producing unique technology yarns such as Siro and Compact Yarns. This is accompanied by ABY’s capabilities to manufacture Melange Yarn, Dope Dyed Yarn, Slub Yarn and Hairy Knitting Yarn. Other important ABY capabilities include Double yarn, FR (Flame retardant) yarn, OB (Optical Bright) yarn and Multifold yarn (upto 24). This enables us to offer you the best quality product which is curated specific to the desired end-application.

polyester spun yarn aby

Product Range: 100% polyester spun yarn and different blends of polyester spun yarn with cotton & viscose.
Count Range (Ne) : 6s to 40s.
Application: Apparel – Woven & Knits.
Specialty products: Green Poly, Eco Poly, Unifeel, Antimicrobial, Flexo, Colourlast, Glitter, Sublina, Creeper, Wool Touch, Creeper, etc.


Manufacturing Superior Quality Textile Yarn Products

Aditya Birla Yarn has proven its commitment towards manufacturing superior quality textile yarn products, including polyester spun yarn, which are compliant with global standards of quality and manufacturing excellence. The experience of operating for decades has made ABY a preferred yarn player. Hence, ABY is a one stop shop for yarn products which have numerous applications in segments of Fashion & apparel, Home Textiles and Technical Textiles.


For more information on our various polyester spun yarn products please visit www.adityabirla-yarn.com. You may also directly visit below links to explore our polyester spun yarn products/blends sold under our brand of ABY™



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