Rayon Yarn

Rayon Yarn

At Aditya Birla Yarn, we manufacture a wide range of Rayon Yarn products. We use variety of our Birla cellulosic fibers to produce a large number of rayon yarn products. This has enabled us to diversify our offerings which are not only innovative but also Sustainable in nature. ABY™ has the strongest presence in this particular range of yarn products.


Our Rayon Yarn Family includes the First generation – Viscose yarn and its Sustainable version of Liva Eco™ yarns and part-recycled Liva Reviva™ yarns.  We also have Second generation – Birla Modal Yarn and Livaeco Modal along with the Third generation – Birla Excel™ (Lyocell) Yarn. Icing on the cake is our latest launch of ABY™ NovCel yarns which makes us  an even stronger rayon yarn players across the world. Naia™ Fiber, by Eastman USA, is one of the major components in our NovCel yarns.

ABY Liva Eco:

Liva Eco Rayon Yarn is a well-known product for its the natural Fluid Fashion attribute. The product is biodegradable in nature. Block Chain backed traceability and 100% Sustainable Forestry methods along with EUBAT certification further strengthens our Liva Eco yarn. These combined features make our Liva eco yarns a completely eco-enhanced package of Sustainability and Transparency.

ABY Liva Reviva:

Our Rayon Yarn Family member of Liva Reviva has taken us a step ahead in our Sustainable practices. RCS certified Liva Reviva is our commitment for Transparency, Traceability & Technology. Owing to the usage of Sustainable and recycled raw materials in this fiber, demand for Liva Reviva yarns is constantly increasing. Pre-consumer Fabric by-products from industries contribute 20% of the cellulosic raw material content in Liva Reviva. Wood pulp from Sustainable Forestry methods contribute towards the balance 80% cellulosic content in this revolutionary invention. Hence, Liva Reviva is a consciously fashionable yarn which truly depicts our responsible manufacturing practices focused towards circular economy.


ABY Birla Modal:

Birla Modal is the 2nd generation rayon yarn which is luxuriously soft and combines the attribute of fluidity with enduring strength & superior performance. We have perfected the production process to bring out the brilliant shine, soft feel & excellent curtains while also increasing their usability. In addition, the fiber is derived from 100% renewable natural resources, which allows it to decompose & completely return to nature. Birla Modal blends beautifully with other fibers & fulfills the age-old demand of combining fashion with function. Livaeco Modal is the latest addition to our Modal yarn range and consumers know it for its truly sustainable nature.

ABY Excel:

Birla Excel, the third generation rayon yarn, is a revolution in the fashion industry and is a made from a fiber that is truly eco-friendly. Excel fiber is manufactured with a unique closed loop production process. This unique process enables us to recover and reuse all the by-products and solvents back into the same production cycle. Thereby, minimizing discharges & reducing environmental impacts to near nil. Designers swear by this resilient, wash & wear fabric as it imparts wonderful lustre, drape & softness. Excel has a unique propensity to fibrillate. This fibrillation can be controlled or accentuated for aesthetic versatility.

ABY NovCel:

Our Rayon yarn family has recently added yet another value adding product of NovCel. It is based on the novel technology yarn powered by Naia™ cellulosic fiber. NovCel yarns are composed of Naia™ Fiber by Eastman, USA. Naia™ fiber enhances the performance of our Birla Modal, Excel and Polyester yarns. ABY™ NovCel showcases our commitment towards innovation and building a sustainable Fashion industry. Products made with NovCel yarns exhibit supremely soft and smooth handle. When blended with Modal or Excel, it has also shown results of quick drying and reduced pilling. Sustainable Forestry methods and lowest possible environmental impact are the other important and noteworthy features associated with Eastman’s Naia™ fiber. Naia™ is yet another product manufactured with a unique closed loop manufacturing process which allows the recovery and reuse of all the solvents and by-products back into the production process.


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For application specific requirements, please visit the below links:

Fashion & Apparel – https://adityabirla-yarn.com/product/fashion-and-apparel
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