Sustainable Yarn

Sustainable Yarn

ABY’s Commitment to Sustainability

Aditya Birla Yarn (ABY) is committed to sustainability. The introduction of new sustainable yarn products to its brand reflects this commitment. These new products include our offerings of sustainable Liva yarns, Bamboo, Green Poly, Eco Poly, Hemp and many more. Each of these materials has its own unique sustainability benefits. Hence, they are used for a wide range of textile products.

ABY aims to empower customers to make eco-friendlier choices in their textile projects. Hence, it is constantly offering a wider range of sustainable yarn options. ABY believes that sustainability is the way forward. Additionally, it hopes to inspire and empower customers to make eco-friendlier choices in their textile projects.

Sustainable Yarn

Sustainable Yarns provided by ABY

ABYTM Liva Yarns

Man-made cellulosic fibers, such as viscose, modal and lyocell, are a part of ABY’s range of Liva Yarns. Environment-friendly methods process these fibers and yarns. Hence, soft, breathable, and eco-friendly fabrics are a reality now. These are perfect for a wide range of applications. Additionally, Liva Yarns offer superior drape, smoothness, and brightness. Therefore, they are a popular choice among fashion designers and textile manufacturers. The following are our various Liva Yarns:

  • Livaeco viscose – This exquisite, nature-based yarn gives garments a unique combination of fluidity and luxurious softness. ABY LIVA ECO is a sustainable yarn. Hence, you can use it across numerous applications.

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  • Liva Reviva – ABY Liva Reviva yarns are made up of viscose fibres. These have 30% of pre-consumer textile industrial waste and 70% wood pulp at fibre manufacturing stage. Therefore, fabric and garments made with ABY Liva Reviva yarns ensure our commitment towards better environment and imparts soft touch when you wear them

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  • Livaeco Modal – Another sustainable yarn that defines our commitment. It offers excellent moisture management and is highly breathable, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Sustainable Yarn Manufacturer

ABYTM Bamboo Yarn

ABY is proud to offer Bamboo yarn as another sustainable option. Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing plant that requires little water or fertilizer to thrive. Additionally, bamboo plants can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Fabrics made with Bamboo yarn are lightweight, durable, and have a beautiful drape. Hence, this makes it perfect for a variety of knitting and crochet projects. ABY’s bamboo yarn is available in a range of counts which makes it a versatile option for any project.

ABYTM Green Polyester Yarn

Post-consumer PET bottles are used to make recycled polyester fibre which is used to produce our Green Poly yarns. This type of yarn is a great way to reduce waste in the manufacturing process. Additionally, it is incredibly versatile and high in demand. Therefore, we use green polyester yarn for a wide range of textile products, including clothing, accessories, and more. ABY’s Green Poly yarn is a high-quality option that is both sustainable and affordable.

ABYTM Hemp Yarn

Hemp yarn is made from the fibers of the hemp plant. It is a highly sustainable crop that requires very little water and no pesticides to grow. Hemp yarn is incredibly strong and durable. Hence, this makes it a great choice for bags, accessories, and other items that need to withstand regular wear and tear. It has a slightly rougher texture than other yarn materials. But we can soften it with washing and handling. ABY’s hemp yarn is available in a range of colors and weights, making it a versatile option for a wide range of projects.

Sustainable Yarn Indonesia

ABY’s sustainable yarn products create high-quality, sustainable clothing that is both stylish and eco-friendly. The company also offers sustainable yarn options for home textiles, such as bedding and towels, as well as technical textiles, which can be used in a range of industrial applications.

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