This new wave of smart manufacturing uses access to real-time data to boost productivity and output, increasing efficiency and creating what is known as a smart factory.

ABY was developing Smart Manufacturing which consist of heterogeneous system from Blow-room until TFO, Energy, Quality until Health Equipment.

With modernized machines and Industry 4.0, enabled to communicate each machine with various sensors and complicated PLC, into integrated and powerful system.

By automating and streamlining production, maintenance, quality & data analysis, ABY sees End to End Manufacturing Process Mapping from increased efficiency, fewer human errors, increased reliability, nearly zero downtime and improved equipment uptime.

Manufacturing for Market

We are slowly transforming ourselves from ‘make to stock’ towards ‘made to order’. We explore and understand the challenges within the market, anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver the right content at the right time. Our designer and R&D team has ability to respond to consumers’ expectations.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our manufacturing equipment and machinery provide the best efficiency and quality. Our selection of raw materials is diligent, and employees are well trained technically and procedurally to undertake various manufacturing excellence goals. Our industrial engineers/ engineer team develop the best ergonomic workplace and conducive environment for the manufacturing processes. Our quality system provides the best results and minimum losses.

Smart Manufacturing

We have begun exploring Smart Factory Automation in our manufacturing process. For this, we aim for Integrator based production capacity, wherein Production units will be coupled to sensors, followed by data collection leading to manufacturing intelligence.

Predictive Maintenance

We have been following very rigorous maintenance schedules that avoided disruptions in operations. From the last five years, in a phased manner, we are implementing predictive maintenance, thus reducing unanticipated interruptions in production, improvement in quality and asset health.

Manufacturing with Traceability

We have deployed the processes and systems for traceability across the entities and capacity to extend traceability to any given product range or batch. For traceability in manufacturing, we assign each product or lot an identification number, the work details, inspection results, and dimensions are linked to this identification number in each process so that it can be utilized for labelling a product

Manufacturing for Circle Economy

All our manufacturing plants have already experimented, piloted and manufactured with the recycling of internal/ external waste as raw material to avoid virgin raw material.