ABY™ Colourlast

Yarn For Fashion and Apparel

Product Description

ABY™ Colourlast yarn is a specially designed product that offers deep, everlasting color in every single strand of fibre. Soft to feel, safe to use and environment friendly, ABY™ Colourlast yarn retains its vibrant shades wear after wear, wash after wash.

ABY™ Colourlast yarn uses pigment dyes that are injected during fibre manufacturing process, providing longevity of colors, drastic reduction in wet processing costs and perfect consistency in shades across lots. It assures better quality than piece dyed fabrics. It supports eco-friendly downstream processes and eliminates stages that call for dyes and chemicals.

  • Excellent Color Fastness
  • Uniform in Color
  • Highly Resistant to Uv Fade
  • Enviromental Friendly


Composition Count Range
100% Poly Dope Dyed 10s to 40s
100% Viscose Dope Dyed 10s to 40s
Polyester 65% Viscose 35% Dope Dyed 10s to 40s
100% Poly Melanges 10s to 40s
100% Viscose melanges 10s to 40s
Poly & viscose blend melanges 10s to 40s
100% Acrylic NB (Pigment Dyed). Durashine™ 20s to 30s
100% Acrylic NB (Gel Dyed). Radianza™ 20s to 30s
Uniform, Knit Apparel

Count Range indicated are for single yarns. We can supply yarns in Ply: Single, Double & Multi-folds.


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