Bathroom Textile (Bathroom Accessories)

Yarn For Home Textiles

Product Description

Embraced in softness of our Bathroom Textile. After a tiring day of work, you deserve soft textiles. Surround yourself with soft fluffy absorbent comfort and daydream away. While a quick change of shower curtains and bath mats/rugs is all it takes to create a different look on your bathroom. ABY offers a various range of yarns specification in Bathroom Textile (Bathroom Accessories) that are soft, warm and gentle to the skin. Our products are based on our core values: Quality, Technology and Sustainability.


Yarn Composition

Count Range (Ne)

Viscose Bright

8 to 50

Optical Bright Polyester

20 to 40


10 to 40

Cotton/Polyester (TC, CVC)

10 to 30

Cotton (OE)

6 to 20

Dyed Polyester

10 to 30

Dyed Polyester/Viscose

10 to 40

Towels, Face Cloths, Shower Curtains And Rugs

Count Range indicated are for single yarns. We can supply yarns in Ply: Single, Double & Multi-folds.


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Upholstery Fabrics

Window Textiles - Wall Hanging (Curtains & Drapes)