Yarn For Home Textiles

Product Description

Blankets are often used to protect against the effects of cold weather during the winter months. However, it is important that these products keep body temperature in balance and have a soft texture. You can have a comfortable sleeping experience by choosing the blanket model that suits your taste. There are many types of these comfortable and useful blankets
You can use a variety of acrylic yarn for blanket from ABY . These products made of acrylic, it gives you the feeling of wool or cotton

  • Easy Washable
  • Low Stain Retention
  • Good Shape Retention
  • Bright Colors
  • Comfortable


Yarn Composition

Count Range (Ne)

Pilbloc Acrylic20 to 30
Pilbloc Acrylic/Modal

20 to 30

Pilbloc Acrylic/Viscose

20 to 30

Pilbloc Acrylic/Cotton20 to 30

Amicor Acrylic In Blends With Modal, Viscose, Cotton

10 to 30

Low Pill Polyester


5 to 40

Bedding Blanket, Sofa Blanket

We can supply Multifold yarns on Jumbo packages up to 15 lbs & 12 ply with resultant yarn count of 0.75 Ne.


Bed Linen

Bathroom Textile

Kitchen Linen