Bamboo Viscose

Yarn For Fashion and Apparel

Product Description

Bamboo fibre is a regenerated cellulose fibre made from Bamboo pulp. Bamboo yarn is made with bamboo grass that is harvested and distilled into cellulose that's then spun into yarn. It's a natural, non-animal sourced fibre that's considered an eco-friendly. With the new technological advancement by ABY, the yarn of the bamboos are vastly used nowadays. Other fibre are amalgamated with the bamboo yarns to impart a new form of textile which is widely being used in the fashion industry.

  • Incredibly Soft
  • Natural Antibacterial
  • Skin Friendly and Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • High Moisture Absoprtion


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Composition Count Range
Bamboo Rayon 100% 10s to 40s
Bamboo Rayon blends with Viscose 10s to 40s
Bamboo Rayon blends with Modal 10s to 40s
Bamboo Rayon blends with Organic cotton or BCI Cotton 10s to 40s
Bamboo Rayon blends with Recycle poly 10s to 40s
Apparel Woven & Knit, Activewear, Fashion

Count Range indicated are for single yarns. We can supply yarns in Ply: Single, Double & Multi-folds.


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