Liva Eco

Yarn For Fashion and Apparel

Product Description

ABY produces a variety of sustainable yarns and is launching LIVA ECO, to extend commitment to environment. This exquisite, natural based yarn gives your garments a unique combination of fluidity and luxurious softness. ABY LIVA ECO is a more sustainable yarn that can be used across numerous applications including fashionable and leisure wear, bed linens, carpets, bath towels or furnishings.

  • 100% Sustainable Forestry
  • Lowest Water Consumption
  • Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Traceability of Source
  • Fast Bio-Degradability


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Composition Count Range
Liva Eco 100% 10s to 40s
Recycle poly 65% Liva Eco 35% 10s to 40s
Liva Eco 80% Linen 20% 10s to 30s
Organic Cotton 65% Liva Eco 35% 10s to 40s
BCI Cotton 65% Liva Eco 35%td> 10s to 40s
Apparel Woven & Knit, Activewear, Fashion

We can supply Multifold yarns on Jumbo packages up to 15 lbs & 12 ply with resultant yarn count of 0.75 Ne.


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