Recycled Polyester (Repreve®)

Yarn For Fashion and Apparel

Product Description

Made of recycled polyester, is a sustainable yarn. It offsets use of crude oil, conserving precious natural resources & energy. ABY uses recycled polyester fiber that is made from recycled materials including used plastic bottles. The process of converting PET into recycled polyester requires much less energy than in the case of normal polyester. It takes approx 30 - 40% less energy. It also dilutes the threat of plastic bottles on our earth.

We use recycled polyester with Global Recycled Standars Certificate (GRS Certificate).

  • Wicking
  • Thermal comfort
  • Durable
  • Versatile


Yarn Composition

Count Range (Ne)

100% Repreve® (Recycle Polyester) & Blends with Cotton, Rayon, Modal

6 to 40

Repreve® is a registered trade mark of UNIFI®

Fashion Apparel, Outdoor Gear, Uniform

Count Range indicated are for single yarns. We can supply yarns in Ply: Single, Double & Multi-folds.


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