ABY™ Hometech

Yarn For Technical Textiles

Product Description

It's textiles that make a place your own like a rug in your favorite color or curtains that you've sewn yourself. ABY Hometech help create a place that invites you to get comfy and stay a while. They bring a home to life and make giving it new life as easy as changing your bed linens. Bringing smiles to millions of faces worldwide, we offer a comprehensive range of exclusive yarn for home textile creations ranging from Bed Linen to Kitchen Linen, Table Linen to Floor Furnishing, and Curtains to outdoor textiles, and so many others certified by Oeko tex® Certification to ensure that we continue to produce ethically and socially responsible products, we work with the finest share our values.


Composition Count Range
Flame Resistant Polyester 10s to 30s
Flame Resistant Viscose 10s to 30s
Low Melt Polyester 5s to 40s
UV Protect Polyester 5s to 40s
Optical Bright Polyester 5s to 40s
Low Pill Polyester 5s to 40s
Recycled Polyester 5s to 40s
DURASHINETM (Pigment Dyed Acrylic) 20s to 30s
Bathroom Textile, Bed Linen, Kitchen Linen, Window Textile, Table Cloth, Upholstery

We can supply Yarns in multi-folds(up to 12 ply)


ABY™ Protek

ABY™ Indutech

ABY™ Sporttech & Clothtech