ABY™ Indutech

Yarn For Technical Textiles

Product Description

ABY Indutech serve many purposes in industrial applications. From tarpaulin on trucks, industrial applications in isolation and filtering, advertising on billboards and banners to high-performance outdoor gear. These yarn require incorporating a large number of characteristics into the design to meet the specific needs of various potential use cases. Not just in performance and properties but in environmental standards as well. In pushing materials to new performance standards and creating new possibilities, ABY provides a wide variety of industrial yarn

To help you get the best possible performance, meeting the exact standards combined with our in-depth expertise & technologies, to bring your product to the next innovative level


Composition Count Range
META ARAMID 12 to 36
PPS 100% 7 to 20
Homo Polymer Acrylic 100% 12 to 14
Rayon 100% 16/4,
Polyester 100% 12/4, 12/5
Polyester / Viscose 65/35 12/4, 12/5
Polyester / Cotton 65/35 12/4, 12/5
Polyester / Cotton 85/15 12/4, 12/5
Yarns For Gas Filtration, Multifold Yarns For Filtration And Belting

Multifold yarns are available in jumbo packages - up to 15 lbs weight & up to 12 ply (Resultant yarn count 0.75 Ne)


ABY™ Protek

ABY™ Sporttech & Clothtech

ABY™ Hometech