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Product Description

The technical developments in the sports clothing industry has resulted in the use of functional textiles for highly-specialised performances in different sports mainly by the popularity of athleisure wear in everyday fashion as well as specialised sportswear to cater to enthusiasts and professional sportspeople from running to rowing to mountaineering. With increasing awareness related to health and the benefits of keeping fit, consumers are taking up a broad variety of sports and seeking out sportwear apparel that offer comfort as well as performance. We ABY provide yarn for sports with wide variety of yarn types available as well as customised special treatments for enhanced performance such as anti-bacterial for sport socks, moisture management for running tops, UV protection for outdoor sports such as mountain biking and various others. In conjunction with the right choice of yarn, these specific features can enhance a sportwear apparel collection by combining comfort with unbeatable performance specifically suited to the sport in question.


Category Composition Count Range
Sporttech Coolmax 100% 10s to 30s
Sporttech Coolmax 65% Cotton 35% 10s to 30s
Sporttech Coolmax 70% Polyester 30% 10s to 30s
Sporttech Thermolite 100% 10s to 30s
Sporttech Viscose 60% Cotton 20% Nylon 20% 10s to 30s
Sporttech Lyocell (Birla ExcelTM) 100% or in blend RS, MVS 8s to 40s
Clothtech 100% Polyester Sewing Threads (SHT, SBR) 10s to 63s
Clothtech 100% Viscose 8s to 50s
Active Wear, Outdoor, Ski Jacket, Swimwear, Swing Thread
We can supply Yarns in Ply: Single, double and multi-folds


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